What’s PABA Free Sunscreen?

At RMSunscreen.com, we get a lot of inquiries on the definition of PABA free sunscreen. What is it? What does it mean? We decided that we’d take a minute to tell you what it means to be PABA free and how it benefits you as a user of our sunscreen.

What does PABA stand for?

PABA, which is an ingredient in many different cosmetics, sunscreen, and other beauty products, stands for para-aminobenzoic acid.

Where is PABA found?

Para-Aminobenzoic acid in found in many different B-Complex vitamins, and is considered to be an amino acid.

What is PABA used for in these products?

Many companies use PABA to help absorb the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which is considered a reflective agent.

If it’s being used for something good, why is PABA bad for my skin?

Our goal at RMSunscreen.com is to help protect you from the sun’s rays in the safest way possible – meaning with the best ingredients we can use in accordance with your skin. Though many companies still use PABA as an active ingredient in their sunscreen formulas, we opt for making PABA free sunscreen. Why we do this is because PABA can cause skin allergies since it does have to be mixed with synthetic materials to be fully active. The main ingredient that PABA has to be mixed with is alcohol, which is known to cause allergic dermatitis – or an allergic reaction on your skin– in some people.

Even though PABA was one of the earliest ingredients used in sunscreen to be deemed effective, the side effects of it were not worth it. Many people that didn’t use PABA free sunscreen reported the allergic dermatitis rash, discoloration in clothing, and in the worst cases deepened pigment in the skin – causing an even greater risk for skin cancer.

In addition to being gluten free and fragrance free, our formula is considered to be PABA free sunscreen too. We want to make sure that some of the most deadly allergic reactions that can happen on your skin can be avoided while still giving you the best broad spectrum protection possible.

If you have more questions about PABA free sunscreen and why we choose to leave it out of our formula, you can always contact us with questions.

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