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What’s PABA Free Sunscreen?

At, we get a lot of inquiries on the definition of PABA free sunscreen. What is it? What does it mean? We decided that we’d take a minute to tell you what it means to be PABA free and how it benefits you as a user of our sunscreen. What does PABA stand for? PABA, …

A Better Sunscreen

Our SPF 30 and SPF 50 lotions are referred to as “bonding base” sunscreen, because they interlock with your skin’s upper layer and provide superior UVA/UVB protection, yet won’t clog your pores. This helps Rocky Mountain sunscreen perform better with active individuals. Our bonding base sunscreen provides superior BROAD SPECTRUM (UVB and UVA radiation) protection, … Sheds (Sun) Light On The FDA’s New Sunscreen Packaging Regulations announces the FDA’s new sunscreen packaging regulations, enforcing easier to understand packaging and tighter sunscreen claim control. We’ve always had a commitment to ensuring our sunscreen packaging and promotional materials are as clear as possible for our customers, and we are applauding the FDA’s new sunscreen regulations. Arvada, CO April 10, 2012 Sweatproof, sunblock, …

Sunscreen Labels Get a Facelift Due to New FDA Standards

Does your sunscreen meet the new requirements? Is it already springtime? Colorful tulip displays and fresh air compel the little ones to tear through the doors and soak up the sunshine. With warm weather here the playground is teaming with excited children who can’t wait to go exploring. And that’s why it’s so important that …

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