Coral Isles

One of the managers of our 27 year-old parent sunscreen company (Rocky Mountain Sunscreen), was snorkeling in Maui in 2016 with his family at Honolua Bay when he came across a sign cautioning visitors to not wear sunscreen containing certain ingredients. Sean had already been doing research on the topic of sunscreen and reef toxicity, and was not surprised to see the warning—even back then. The experience convinced him it was time to develop a more environmentally safe sunscreen that could protect people from sunburn, and at the same time, be safer for the marine environment.

Rocky Mountain Sunscreen is proud to introduce Coral Isles—a broad spectrum, 80-minute water resistant, fragrance-free sunscreen that is reef friendly. Being void of oxybenzone and octinoxate in our chemical formula, and nano-particles of Zinc and Titanium in our mineral-based formula, Coral Isles provides two superior reef-friendly sunscreen options to consumers.

For information on the specific ingredients shown to be toxic to coral reefs, please click on the REEF FRIENDLY tab in the main menu above. There you can reference studies and information which support our claim that Coral Isles is a reef-friendly sunscreen without the common ingredients shown to be the most harmful to our coral reefs.

CLICK HERE to download a copy of the Coral Isles Brochure/Order Worksheet

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