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Choosing the right bulk size sunscreen for your needs:

Ordering your sunscreen in bulk containers from Rocky Mountain Sunscreen gives you big savings over ordering individual personal-size containers. But how do you know which size (quart or gallon) to order and how many will cover your needs? Below are a few tips to help you save the most you can on sunscreen and meet the needs of your organization.

Start With a Number

First, you'll want to estimate how many people will be using the sunscreen. For example, how many kids will attend your summer camp? How many of your company employees work outdoors? How many kids are enrolled at your childcare center?

How Long is Your Season?

The next step is to determine how long your "season" is for needing sunscreen. Perhaps you are an outdoor aquatics park that operates for 6 months of the year. Or you run a high adventure camp only three months during the summer. Simply estimate how many days your staff and guests will likely need to apply sunscreen.

Calculate What You'll Need

Use the handy calculator below to help you estimate how many quarts or gallons you will need for your "sunscreen" season. As an example, lets say you have 20 employees (STEP 1) who spend an average of 60 days (STEP 2) in the sun. Based on the type of work they do, they should apply sunscreen at least twice a day (STEP 3) to be adequately protected. Lastly, gallon containers (STEP 4) will best suit your needs. Test the calculator with these numbers and you'll know that you need to purchase 13 quarts or 3 gallons of sunscreen!

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