Why Rocky Mountain Sunscreen?

Inspired by Altitude

Rocky Mountain Sunscreen (RMS) was originally developed to protect skiers in the harsh UV environment of the Rocky Mountains. Today, we are proud of our superior broad-spectrum formulas that still provide the same great protection. All RMS products are broad spectrum UVA/UVB, water resistant (80 minutes), gluten free, PABA Free, fragrance free, and hypoallergenic. Thoroughly tested for safety by independent testing agencies, our sunscreen will protect you in the harshest UV conditions, yet is safe for daily wear and use under women’s makeup.

The RMS Difference

Bonding-Based Formulas: The "base", or lotion in which the UV protectants are blended is very important because it will ultimately determine how well the sunscreen will work. Bonding-based formulas like Rocky Mountain Sunscreen lotions work the best for people who actually do something while they are in the sun. They enable the UV absorbers to tightly interlock with the upper layer of your skin, so our sunscreen won't clog your pores, and allows your skin to breathe and perspire. This helps keep your body cool naturally, which is vital in all outdoor sports/activities. Bonding-based formulas do not sweat off, wash off in water, or rub off easily on clothing or towels.

Mineral Sunscreen/Zinc Oxide and Titanium DiOxide formulas:, For people with a history of extra-sensitive skin, and for infants or small children, our mineral-based formulas adhere topically to the skin instead of being absorbed. Moms, athletes, and children alike appreciate that Rocky Mountain Sunscreen’s mineral formula doesn’t leave as much of a white cast as many other mineral options. It’s also water resistant and broad spectrum. Going scuba diving? Swimmers, snorkelers, and water sports lovers highly recommend our mineral formula for Hawaii and Caribbean destinations.

No matter what activity you need sunscreen for, Rocky Mountain sunscreen has a formula that will give you safe and unrivaled UV broad-spectrum protection. To inquire more about our sunscreen, please reach out to us through our contact page.

Product Reviews

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What our Customers are Saying

What began as a solution to sunburned skiers at a Colorado Ski resort, Rocky Mountain Sunscreen has built its reputation over the past three decades on customers who have loved our products for their quality, protection and ease of application. To share your RMS experience, click the link at the bottom of the page.

I have been using your sunscreen for years. Purchased it through my esthetician. I love the feel of it plus the dewy look it gives my skin. And the very light scent makes me feel like I'm at the beach! Great product! ”"
- Pamela N. - July 2020

This is the only sunscreen we will use now. I spend almost 2 hours a day out in the afternoon sun running. I am not ever burned when I get done. Love this stuff!”"
- Sarah K. - League, TX - May 2020

Have used your product for years and really appreciate the quality of it. Our team loves it!"
- Mike V. - Park City, UT - April 2020

RMS is the best sunscreen out there! Particularly for golf, but the family and I use it every day."
- Tod N. - Arvada, CO - March 2020

The best, one and only, (2 oz SPF30 Zinc Oxide) sunscreen for my daughter that does not cause itching or rash. We used it our whole vacation in Cape Cod this summer and now I use it. Love it!"
- Terry B. - Denver, CO - August 2019

I cannot tell you how much our family LOVES your sunscreen! One of our sons refuses to use other sunscreens because they bother his sensitive skin. He will only use Rocky Mountain Sunscreen. As for me, I break out with many other brands but I have never broken out with RMS. Please keep making this sunscreen! We have used it for years."
- Maria L. - Denver, CO - July 2019

I was walking around Aspen with burned chapped lips, and realized I forgot my chapstick in our Airbnb. Popped into the first ski shop I found and stumbled upon RMS chapstick. I have officially abandoned all lip balms in favor of this one. I've spent a lot of money on finding a product that actually soothes my dry lips, and this is literally the only one that works for me. The Vanilla Mint flavor is the best!"
- Nicole S. - July 2019

I received a free RMS lip balm as a promo for the Denver tourism counsel while attending a conference. It's the best ever!! It's difficult to find quality lip balm with SPF that doesn't irritate my lips. I can't wait to try your other products! I have literally thrown out my other lip balm. You've got a customer for life."
- Cathy G. - July 2019

It works for my daughter with out any allergic reactions. I am glad to find this company! I already placed an order. From now on, I am pretty sure I will be one of your loyal customers."
- Araceli S. - June 2019

Great product and the pumps are made well for our course maintenance crew of 50 that uses them frequently."
- Lee M. - Birmingham, AL - May 2019

I have been a very happy customer for over ten years. We give away gallons to the local swimming pools and outdoor sporting arenas. This winter we will provide for a local ski area. Many patrons come back to ask what brand it is because it's the best sunscreen they've ever used. Many thanks!"
- Debra - Grand Junction, CO - December 2018

RMS offers a high quality product at a very affordable price. Our campers and staff here at Brewster Day Camp love RMS and we feel confident making it available across our campus each summer. We have been a loyal RMS customer for over a decade now, and plan to continue for years to come. Thank you RMS!"
- Rob Glancy - Brewster, MA - April 2017

I just wanted to let your company know that my family and I have been using your products for years. You guys are doing a fantastic job. If you keep supplying; we will keep on buying. Thank you and have a wonderful year."
- Jason - Hemet, CA - May 2015

I have Irish blood and I live in the Utah desert. Since I was a child, I always had to wear sunscreen even if I was only going to be outside for 5 minutes. Seriously, all it takes for me is 5 minutes in the sun and I'm red as a beet. I got a job at In-N-Out Burger and one of the positions is to take road-side orders from outside in the sun. I thought it would be the death of me. Then, my bis got in some RMS and I decided it was better that than nothing. To my surprise, I was out there for over two hours that day and I didn't burn one bit! Now I tell everyone to use it because it's the ONLY sunscreen that works!!!"
- Kira - Draper, UT - May 2014

I live in Florida with my husband and 4 kids ranging in age from 2-11. I decided to give Rocky Mountain a try 2 summers ago. I have not been disappointed! It is by far the best and most cost effective product I have used! I have my friends and family hooked on Rocky Mountain sunscreen too!"
- Brooke - Tampa, FL -May 2014

This is the ONLY sunscreen that my daughter can use without making her skin conditions worse! She often complains of headaches when having to use other brands from the scents---but not with Rocky Mountain Sunscreen! thank you!"
- Allison - Aurora, CO - June 2014

I have sensitive skin and LOVE that I am able to use it on my face and body without having that chemical-burn feeling. Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me a healthy option."
- Tamara - Martinez, CA - July 2014

I have been looking for a quality lip balm with sunscreen for YEARS!!! I bike, hike, and garden and need the protection of sunscreen. The cool, soothing sensation on my lips are an absolute pleasure! Finally I found one! Please!!!! Never go out of business!"
- Eileen - Pine, CO - July 2014

I came across this sunscreen while I was at Cape Cod. It is free for the public to use (in memory of a life guard who died of skin cancer). They have a big bottle of Rocky Mountain Sunscreen in every restroom at the beaches we went to. It really caught my eye because it is fragrance free, and it didn't bother my skin at all! Thank you!!!"
- Alexa - Mifflin, PA - August 2014

Best sunscreen out there for Colorado weather. Love it, used for many years. Not greasy. Don't change it!"
- Barb - Golden, CO - September 2013

I use the sunscreen as my whole body moisture lotion. The only kind that does not irritate my skin."
- Carrol - Northglenn, CO - September 2013

I have been using RMS for years now and this comment is LONG overdue. I've used your sunscreen in the tropics of Indonesia, mountains of Nepal and Colorado, as well as numerous trips to Maui and South Carolina beaches...and NEVER been disappointed! Keep up the great work and product!!!"
- JAE - South Carolina - August 2013

It is the best because it is so protective and it is comfortable to wear. As a baby boomer with fair skin I am at high risk for skin cancer. Before I put on make-up I put on RMS. If you ever need a spokesperson I'm your gal (I'm also an RN who works in Oncology)!"
- Margaret - Portland, OR - May 2013

I noticed your product in King Soopers and thought that a local, Colorado product would be the best for the sun conditions in the area. Your sunscreen is all-around fantastic! It turns out that my grand-daughter's pre-school uses RM Sunscreen by the gallon, so it must be good. Since I live near Arvada, is it possible to stop by and stock up, rather than have it shipped? [Yes!] "
- Robin - Broomfield, CO - July 2013

I am in the middle of an Efudex treatment series, and the top of my head burns & smarts like crazy, as the Chemo works its magic. No lotion I have tried stopped the painful sensations. This morning as I headed out to play golf, I tried your sunscreen, and the top of my head has been just fine, even after I showered and rubbed in the Efudx. Not sure what is happening, but I have been fighting skin cancer for 40 years, using Block-Out to start, after my first basel cell surgery. Anyway, thanks for your product!"
- David - New Mexico - May 2013

We have been using Rocky Mountain Sunscreen since my children were infants. On occasion we try other sunscreens, but we always find the RMS products do a much better job in the sun and water."
- Sarah - Bend, OR - March 2013

RMS is the first brand of sunscreen I've actually hunted for to purchase! I work outside at Red Rocks and forgot my sunscreen one day (which I hated anyway since it irritated my skin so much). One of the offices backstage had a huge gallon of RMS, and since that day I've been meaning to get some for my bathroom cabinet. Working days in the summer at Red Rocks is fun, but it's a horror story for my skin! This summer I won't have to begrudgingly put on a sunscreen that makes me break out or cough from the horrible smell. RMS is actually a product I LOOK FORWARD to putting on! Thanks!"
- Michael - Arlington, VA - March 2013

I feel so much at ease going into each summer, knowing that I do not have to deal with my children having reactions to the sunscreen they use. I feel that they are protected from the sun and this suncreen is worth every penny. Thank you Rocky Mountain."
- Miriam - Aurora, IL - February 2013

I will go out of my way to get your sunscreen for skiing -- it really is the best. Thanks!."
- Michael - Bailey, CO - February 2013

Best sunscreen I have ever used and I use a lot after 5 skin cancer surgeries. I like the smooth, velvety feeling rather than the greasy feeling after use."
- Clyde - New Albany, OH - August 2012

I live and surf in Hawaii very frequently. I've tried literally every brand of sunscreen at my local store and always got burnt. My boyfriend googled your sunscreen and since then, it's all I use! I've been using SPF 50, but I'm upgrading to the avoguard SPF 70. You can never be too careful with your skin."
- Cassidy - Honolulu, HI - April 2012

I am allergic to most sunscreens and I was introduced to Rocky Mountain Sunscreen by an esthetician and it is the only sunscreen that I have found that I can use without breaking out in a rash. Thank you!"
- Marie - Hyde Park, UT - October 2011

My daughter is 31 but when she was 16 I discovered RMS while sponsoring a youth ski trip. Having sensitive skin, I was skeptical but after using it, I was a convinced customer. The first few times I ordered, it was over the phone as the internet was non-existent. I have friends and family using this product and it is easy to recommend a product when you know it will deliver what promised. Love it! Thank you.!"
- Vickie - Midland, TX - August 2011

You have an amazing customer service department!!"
- Ann - Arlington, TX - July 2011

Only sunscreen my children can use without having a reaction"
- Miriam - Aurora, IL - May 2011

We love your sunscreen. It is is more like lotion so the dirt and grime does not stick to the kids like it does with traditional sticky/greasy/thick sunscreens. We also like that it is truly fragrance free! Thank you!"
- Lisa - Denver, CO - May 2011

Only sunscreen that is not greasy to the touch, it sinks right into the skin for a comfortable feel."
- Katherine - Littleton, CO - April 2011

We love the non-greasy feel. It has more staying power in the water than any other sunscreen we've used. We've been using it for years & I'm still amazed that I can use it as a moisturizer on my sensitive skin!"
- Karen - Louisville, CO - March 2011

Families greatly appreciated that we provide sunscreen for their children rather than their having to bring it in. Additionally, the teachers greatly appreciate having to work with one gallon as opposed to 20 different bottles, one for each child."
- Cristin - March 2011

I have celiac disease and dermatitis herpetiformus so I'm VERY sensitive to gluten. I'm very glad I found your site!"
- Shelly - Skiatook, OK - March 2011

[SPF 30] Doesnt make you hot and sweaty - actually cools down skin exposed to sun!"
- Julie - Bellaire, TX - February 2011

I swear by your product. I ski over 70 days per year and never sunburn using your product. We also tour on our motorcycles in the summer, again with great results - no sunburns."
- Elaine - Ogden, UT - January 2011

While sking in Breckenridge, one of our daughters lips became so swollen, red and chapped and would bleed. She couldn't eat and wouldn't talk. At one of the shops, someone recommended Alpine Ice after one day of use, her lips looked 180% better. The whole family loved the soothing feeling. We stocked up before our travel home. Nothing else compares to Alpine Ice we've tried it all."
- Kimberly - Terry, MS - November 2010

Love how the SPF 30 Sport Sunscreen feels on my face. I use it as a daily moisturizer and on cycling & [Mountain Bike] excursions. Thanks for putting quality into your product."
- Nhung - Santa Ana, CA - November 2010

I am a fair skinned person, and burn easily. I picked up your product in the gift shop. I used it for two days while hiking all day and never burned at all. It is awesome! You have a customer for life!!"
- Lori - Central Point, OR - August 2010

Your sunscreen is the absolute best!! I generously apply the kids spf 30+ to all of my toddlers, infants, and preschoolers. I have many very fare (red headed or toe heads) in my care and we have not had ONE burn yet! Not one complaint about it stinging their face or eyes! We love you and I tell all of my parents, family and friends about you! Thanks again for all of the safe summer time fun in COLORADO!"
- Julie - Longmont, CO - June 2010

My daughter's preschool teachers have raved about RMS... and that my daughter has been using it successfully for several weeks is huge. Most sunscreens cause her to break out!"
- Cori - Alexandria, VA - June 2010

I've been using the High exposure sunscreen for a couple of years now. I'm a Wilderness Ranger in the High Sierra's in the summer and am a ski instructor in Yosemite in the winter. Both have high sun exposure and I find you product to be the best!"
- Bayard - Oakhurst, CA - June 2010

Hands down the best sunscreen for active athletes. No grease, no burn and stays on all day. It's also my daily moisturizer all year round."
- Lori - Sante Fe, NM - June 2010

Great sunscreen, been using for three years, nothing works better"
- Kyle - Thornton, CO - May 2010

We spend our summer on a lake/beach in and out of water. Our friends burn even after re-applying twice as much as we do. This stuff is like you're not wearing anything more than a great moisturizer. It is simply the best. We keep quarts handy in multiple locations."
- Steve - Littleton, CO - May 2010

This is the best sunscreen for our extremely fair child! He also has sensitive skin. It works great!"
- William - Dudley, MA -May 2010

This product is fabulous. Tried it out for a day in the sun and had no reaction, itches, blotchiness or burning. Just Fantastic! It is the best sun product I have ever used as I have very sensitive skin."
- Mary - Havervill, MA - May 2010

I love the ease and convenience of the pump and one bottle instead of juggling many...AWESOME STUFF!!"
- Kimberly - Tracy, CA - May 2010

Im an avid fisherman, and this is the most amazing sunscreen product on the market. It's like using regular moisturizer on your skin with flawless protection. And the customer service is unmatched! Thank you RMS!!!!"
- Ron - Frisco, TX - March 2010

I started using your sunscreen in the gallon jug about 4 years ago. I am outside here in Florida, playing tennis and kayaking year round. It was worth every penny...I use it everyday April through November and as needed the rest of the year. It is easily the best product of it's kind. I have used them all, over a period of 60 years. We have come a long way since I used to mix iodine and baby oil!!!!, when a youth. Absolutely does not sting your eyes when sweating. Great texture and easily applied, very smooth....no stickiness at all."
- Daryl - Florida - April 2009

About 8 years ago I was at a Boy Scout Ranch for Adult leader training and bought the kiwi lip balm. Loved it and used it all, even scrapping out the last little bits. After that I found you on the internet and purchased more lip balm along with your sunscreen. We have loved it ever since and order yearly. It was the first sunscreen I could get my kids to wear without a fuss. Doesn't clog the pores, your skin can still breathe and sweat. In Texas heat that is a must. Our Dermatologist has recommended other brands with "higher" spf levels. Once on vacation we had left our bottle of RMSuncreen at a friends house when we were out on a day trip. So we grabbed a bottle of the dermatologist recommended brand to tide us over. My daughter and I both ended up with sunburns with less time in the sun. Needless to say we keep telling EVERYONE about your product! We love it. Won't go a year without it. Thank you sooooo much!"
- Julieanne - Austin, TX - April 2009

Several years ago, I found Rocky Mountain Sunscreen in an outdoor shop in Moab, UT while rockclimbing. Since then, I have used Rocky Mountain Sunscreen products while climbing the high points of the United States; skiing, hiking, fishing, and climbing the 14ers in Colorado; bicycling across Iowa; and whitewater rafting the Gauley, New and Colorado Rivers. Recently, I took Rocky Mountain Sunscreen to Peru and hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. I spent several days above 11,000 feet and never experienced even a hint of sunburn. When I pack my backpack for adventure, Rocky Mountain Sunscreen is at the top of my gear list!"
- Lisa P. - Denver, CO - November 2008

First, let me tell you I'm a redhead. I am so grateful to have discovered your product. I just spent 3 weeks in Mexico and didn't get an inch of sunburn because I faithfully used your SPF30 high activity sunscreen everyday. Thank you thank you thank you! Finally I can enjoy our Minnesota summers and Mexican winters without pain!!"
- Wendy - Minnesota - April 2008

I want you to know your product is the BEST! I was at the Denver Zoo with my son one day and realized, to my horror,I hadn't brought along any sunscreen. (I wear sunscreen religiously, whether I'm indoors or outdoors, it doesn't matter). Fortunately I found a kiosk that sold your product, and I bought a small tube. Within days I threw all the sunscreen I had at home away, because yours tops all of them. All the others claimed to have a clean, non-greasy feel but this wasn't the case. Yours is the only sunscreen I've found that is what it claims to be. Just wanted to say thanks for a great product."
- Wendi B., November 2007

Thank you again for years of fun in the sun on behalf of my family. My son has many allergies (peanuts, sage, soy) and your products are FANTASTIC! When he was a baby we found out the hard way he was allergic to sunscreen. The fair child would not stand a chance. I found you guys online about 8 years ago & we have used nothing but RMS. I have very sensative skin & use it as a daily moisturizer. I thank you also for making an outstanding effort to provide a product that is cost effective. Just awesome!"
- Heather

I was visiting friends in Pagosa Springs, CO and we went to The Springs Resort to soak in the hot mineral pools. I wasn't carrying any sunscreen, so I bought your SPF 30+ Sport Sunscreen in the gift shop to try & protect my face and shoulders from the strong sun. What an amazing find!! My skin can sunburn just driving my car for an hour - so being at the Springs for over 2 1/2 hours without one spot of sunburn is nothing short of a miracle! Since my skin is also sensitive and blemish-prone, I'm so pleased that I can use Rocky Mountain Sunscreen all day every day without any breakouts or irritation. Very grateful to have found your product, and I'm so glad I found you online! "
- Sally - Nashville, TN

I just had to take a moment today to tell you how incredibly thrilled I am with your product! I have always tanned easily on my body, but my face is extremely sensitive. I have tried many products on my face, including dermatologist recommended brands, and today was my first experience with your face product. With normal product use, I always experience burning, both from the sun and from the product. I had almost given up. I have a 12 year old son who loves to spend afternoons in the pool, and I like to be in the water as well. I used your face product today for the first time, and I had no burning from the product, no burning from the sun, and I was left with incredibly soft skin! It is like a dream come true. My son also seems to have a milder form of my problem (I am constantly putting SPF 45 on his cheeks every hour) and I can't wait to use the product on him. I can't thank you enough."
- A customer for life, Donna

Rocky Mountain Sunscreen, My name is HM3 Brandon B. I am enlisted in the United States Navy. Currently I am over in Iraq for the second time in two years. It has been a tough tour of duty, yet satisfying. I've written to thank you for your product. Your sunscreen has helped with my Marines' success during the unbearable heat. As you know, the sun can cause many medical problems such as heatstroke, dehydration, exhaustion, etc. A case of your product was donated to my unit. It has made my job much easier. Since handing out your sunscreen, I've seen a 40% decrease of sunburns. I just wanted to say thank you and keep up the good work."
- HM3 Brandon B., United States Navy

I just placed an order with your company this morning, and I have to say, I am ecstatic! My daughter is getting married in Grand Cayman in May, and I have been searching for some sunscreen items to place in the favor gift bags for our guests. I have been extremely disappointed with the quality and price of the items I have found to date. Then, I found your website! I cannot express how glad I am that I have found a product that is from my home state of Colorado, as well as being one of the best deals on the internet! Your product will make a great addition for our guests and I can't wait to receive it. Once again, I just thought I would let you know how glad I am that I found you!"
- Wendy

Dear Rocky Mountain Sunscreen Co.,
Recently I placed an order with your company for 5 tubes of your "Faces" sunscreen spf 50+. I just wanted to write you a short letter to let you know that your product is absolutely wonderful! I happened to stumble across your website while in search of the "perfect facial sunscreen." I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical of your products because to tell you the truth, before stumbling across your website, I had never heard of your company. How good could they be, right? I read some of your testimonials and I thought "what the heck. Lets give them a try." I am so glad that I did! I have a slight skin pigment problem that requires me to wear high spf sunscreen on my face every day. I also have extremely sensitive skin. Over the years I have tried all the top names, all the top brands and all the top dollar products. I have not been happy with any of them. Every one of them either broke me out, or looked greasy, or made my skin burn. I really thought that I was just going to have to live with it. Sunscreen and my face just did not get along! Your product is the most wonderful thing that I have had the good fortune to stumble across. I can slather it on and it disappears! It's wonderful under my makeup and the best part is that I can slather it on and my skin says "Thank You!" No burning, No rashes and No greasy look! After years of sunscreen unhappiness I have finally found "the perfect facial sunscreen"! Thanks so much for your wonderful product!"

- A new loyal customer, Tennessee

I'm very excited about the sunscreen, its the best I've ever used and being an active red head I've used plenty and the quart size, what a blessing."
- GeorgeAnne, Alaska

As an avid cyclist and triathlete, your product is just fantastic. It goes on and soaks right in. With all the hours on the bicycle there are no tears and no burns most important. We spend a lot of time cycling and skiing and your product is just fantastic."
- John & Dee, Connecticut

...here are my observations on your SPF 50 sunscreen: I love the fact that it is unscented! So far it has provided excellent protection. This is certainly the best SPF 50 sunscreen I've tried, and it is allowing me a measure of normal outside activity in spite of being on doxycycline. It goes on very smoothly and evenly. One of the things I like about it too, is that once it is on, I don't feel as if I am wearing goo. I can tell it is there, but it is very comfortable on the skin. I've already placed my order for a quart...the next time someone wonders where to get good SPF 50 sunscreen, I'll tell them to check your company out!"
- Dayle Ann, Vermont

"I feel compelled to share with you how truly happy I am with your product and the customer satisfaction I experience every time I have contacted your company...your representatives were courteous, imformative, and helpful. All my questions about sun protection, small children, and your product were answered in caring, concerned manner.
The sales team in the office has never given me anthing but total customer satisfaction from orders placed, delivery in an effective manner, and follow up phone calls. The pump applicator makes it so convenient for staff and parents. We are certain the students are properly protected on a daily basis by placing a gallon by each "sign-in" station. Parents have been thrilled with the product as well as the pro-active stance our school is taking with sun protection.
It is so easy to let people know when things go wrong as a consumer. I thought you might like to hear from one of many customers that believe in your philosopy, product and the t.l.c we have received from Rocky Mountain Sunscreen. "

- Tammy, Preschool & Child Care Center Director - Stockton, CA

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