Colorado Mountains

While our mission is to provide the highest quality sun protection products available, we have also committed to considering the effects our business has on the environment. Some of these simple changes and suggestions can make a big impact on our environment:

Rocky Mountain Sunscreen’s stability testing gives all of our products a minimum one-year shelf life, thereby reducing the amount of wasted sunscreen and the number of bottles needed and used. RMS is also committed to reducing our carbon emissions by supporting employee telecommuting.

We began our commitment to sustainability back in 1993 with the introduction of our Refillable Sunscreen System. Both our convenient pocket size 2-oz bottle and family size 6-oz bottle can be easily refilled from our either our quart or gallon pump dispensers. Buying in bulk and refilling is not only friendly to the environment, it saves you money!

We strongly encourage recycling. Most of our bottles and tubes are made from 100% recyclable plastic. We encourage our customers to clean and recycle their empty containers of sunscreen to reduce the environmental impact of our products. Also, all of our shipping materials are 100% recyclable. Please visit to find a local recycling center in your area.

Looking to the Future—

We are committed to continuous innovation and creativity in product formulation and packaging. We have only just begun working towards environmental consciousness and are excited about the direction we are headed.


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