Orders, Tax Exemptions and Website Info
What if our company is tax exempt?
What do I do if my order is damaged during shipment?
What if I'm not happy with the product I received?
Questions About Our Sunscreen
Is Rocky Mountain Sunscreen tested on animals?
What's the difference between Regular and Kids sunscreen?
Does Rocky Mountain Sunscreen contain any gluten?
How does a Bonding Base formula prevent the buildup of undesireable body heat?
Regulations & Ingredient Questions
Does sunscreen damage coral reefs?
What are the childcare regulations in my State regarding sunscreen?
How can I obtain an MSDS sheet for an RMS formula?
What are Nanoparticles, and are they used in Rocky Mountain sunscreen?
What do the 2019 FDA Regulations mean to me?
General Sunscreen Questions
How does sunscreen work?
Do I really need a sunscreen higher than SPF 30?
What is meant by UVA, UVB and UVC rays?
How is the UV light spectrum measured?
What happens to sunscreen stored in extreme heat or cold conditions?
If I wear sunscreen, am I getting enough Vitamin D?
Can any single sunscreen product provide complete protection?
What's the difference between sunscreen brands with the same SPF?
Application Questions
What is the correct amount of sunscreen I should apply?
Is it that important to reapply sunscreen?
If you apply half the recommended amount of sunscreen, do you get half the protection?
Is it safe to transfer sunscreen to another container?
Is it safe to use sunscreen on an infant?
Skin Care Questions
Why should I be concerned about a sunburn or daily sun exposure?
I'm young. Why should I worry about skin cancer or my skin aging?
How does the human body protect itself from sunburn?
What things can affect my sensitivity to the sun?
What is Melanoma?
How common is Melanoma?
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