About Us

Rocky Mountain Sunscreen is located in Arvada, Colorado and has been manufactuiring quality sun protection products since 1992. Following three years of research and development, the first bottle of our sunscreen was shipped in December 1992. Our founder noticed that skiers and snowboarders were getting sunburned in Colorado's high altitude mountains. This inspired our product creation. Today we use a bonding base formula, meaning our sunscreen interlocks with your skin to allow for natural perspiration. Formulated with a combination of environmentally friendly active ingredients and skin nourishing components, our sunscreen is safe to use on young children or those who may have had reactions to other sunscreens.

  • Gentle on Aquatic Life

    • Our sunscreen excludes common chemical UV filters like oxybenzone and octinoxate that are known to harm coral reefs, aquatic life, and alpine lakes
    • By choosing reef friendly sunscreen you can help preserve our fragile ecosystems
  • Better for Your Skin

    • Our bonding base formula prolongs sunscreen coverage on the skin and more comfortably than other formulations
    • With excellent broad-spectrum protection, it will improve your skin function and leave it looking healthy and radiant
  • Perfect for Daily Use

    • Fortified with the goodness of aloe and antioxidants, our bonding base formula devoids any harmful filler chemicals.
    • Our sunscreen is perfect for daily use on the face and under makeup

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